We are QuEra

Located in Boston, QuEra Computing is the leading provider of quantum computers based on neutral-atoms. Founded in 2018, the company is built on pioneering research recently conducted nearby at both Harvard University and MIT. QuEra is building the industry’s most scalable quantum computers to tackle useful but classically intractable problems for commercially relevant applications. Our signature machine, Aquila, is available now for general use on Amazon Braket.
optical setup at QuEra as part of our quantum computing development process
Quantum computing is the future

Quantum computing is a cutting-edge technology redefining the limits of information processing. This transformation is powered by hardware whose smallest parts – quantum bits, or “qubits” – obey the laws of quantum mechanics, introducing innate probability and parallelism to computer programs. This impacts the speed of calculations, quality of solutions, and energy consumption needed to address some of today’s hardest problems. Finally, it opens the doors for new opportunities, sparking the search for novel problems and solutions that will shape the future needs of humankind. We share a single-minded commitment to extract practical use out of these emergent quantum devices.

QuEra is paving the way

QuEra’s technology is built on large-scale arrays of atoms, laser-cooled to microkelvin temperatures and held in vacuum by movable laser tweezers. These atoms serve as the memory banks for scalable quantum computing with ultrafast, high-fidelity gates, and a clear technology roadmap to millions of qubits.  Users can access this technology today on the cloud, running quantum algorithms of their own design on our continuously maintained hardware using QuEra’s first-generation machine, Aquila, a 256-qubit Quantum Processer available on Amazon Braket.

On the road to quantum advantage

This is just the beginning. QuEra is already leading the charge for the world’s next breakthrough: demonstration of significant quantum advantage for commercially relevant applications.  QuEra’s world-class team of leading scientists in engineering, software and applications, industry partners, and academic collaborators remain focused on bringing quantum computing from promise to reality.

Our Core Values

More Sci less Fi
We believe that quantum value creation and return on investment is possible today. Strategic decisions are grounded in science to minimize technology risk and deliver useful quantum solutions in the near term while prioritizing transparency and honesty about possibilities and limitations.
Highest quality, no shortcuts
QuEra’s world-class team of physicists and experienced engineers design and build machines by deploying the most efficient solution at each step of the technology stack.
Learn together
Partnerships accelerate quantum impact and successful applications require intimate knowledge of hardware. We deploy a world-class applications team to ensure that our customers derive quantum value first and optimize our hardware for the applications most relevant to them.

Meet the team

Science: 12 full time PhD scientists (Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Colorado, Michigan, CAS) with over 45 papers in Nature, Science, and PRL
Engineering: 5 industry and hard-tech veterans
Vision: 4 Harvard and MIT faculty scientific co-founders combined H-index of 334


Thanos Pantazis


Nathan Gemelke

Co-founder, CTO, PhD

Yuval Boger

Chief Marketing Officer

Mikhail Lukin

Co-founder. Professor of Physics Harvard University

Vladan Vuletic

Co-founder. Professor of Physics MIT

Markus Greiner

Co-founder. Professor of Physics Harvard University

Dirk Englund

Co-founder. Professor of EECS MIT

John Pena

Co-founder, Board Member, PhD
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