Bloqade™, our Software Development Kit

The state-of-the-art open-source emulator of programmable neutral-atom arrays

Bloqade™ facilitates benchmarking and algorithmic design, integrating the fundamental advantages of neutral-atom arrays for quantum computing. With features such as flexible processor geometry, multi-qubit connectivity, and analog operation modes, it is both versatile and potent. Once the algorithm is prepared, Bloqade can be conveniently used to deploy it for execution on a quantum computer.


Flexible and high-performance benchmarking of continuous quantum algorithms (using the analog computing mode) for analyzing phase transitions, adiabatic state preparation, and other dynamic quantum phenomena.

High-end performance with support for CUDA, multi-threading, and integration with high-performance computing resources such as Amazon Web Services.

Built-in features to easily deploy different processor geometries, qubit connectivity, and functional drives.

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Bloqade™ can be accessed in two ways

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Access Bloqade™ on Amazon EC2 to leverage their HPC cluster for simulation


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