National Programs

Many countries have identified quantum as a technology of strategic importance and are setting up national and regional quantum programs.

National programs often seek:

Technological Advancement

Quantum computing has the potential to solve currently-intractable problems.

Economic Competitiveness

Positioning countries to be leaders in the economy of tomorrow.

Education and Workforce Development

Ensuring a skilled workforce for the future.

Scientific Leadership

Allow countries to be at the forefront of scientific research.

National Security

Quantum computers could potentially decipher encryption, while quantum communication offers secure, unhackable channels.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Foster collaboration between government, academia, and industry, creating a vibrant ecosystem for quantum research and development.

QuEra is ready to help.

Working closely with local and regional partners, we install, maintain, and support our best-in-class quantum computers, ensuring seamless operation and integration with HPC centers. We provide in-country access to hardware, software and expertise, working with academia and enterprise to accelerate progress.

Beyond hardware, we also contribute to the development of the local quantum ecosystem, helping to seed and nurture quantum knowledge and expertise. Through education, training, and collaborative research initiatives, we help build a vibrant community of quantum professionals and enthusiasts.

We empower nations to unlock the full potential of quantum computing and to lead in this exciting new era of technology.

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