HPC Centers

Quantum computing is emerging as a new frontier is emerging in computing technology. HPC centers can unlock unprecedented capabilities, provide a competitive edge to their customers, and empower researchers to drive innovation and groundbreaking discoveries across multiple fields.

As  HPC managers consider integrating quantum computing into their infrastructure, they grapple with important questions.

What are the specific use cases that can benefit customers?

Will quantum computers be compatible with the infrastructure?

What quantum software tools are available?

How can we evaluate success?

What is the ROI?

Who are suitable partners?

How will systems be maintained?

What about expertise and knowledge transfer?

QuEra can help

We provide best-in-class quantum computers as well as the expertise and support for you to be successful. Our systems can be deployed via premium cloud, or delivered and installed on-premise.

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With QuEra, your HPC center gains significant benefits:

Stand Out

Differentiate your HPC center with pioneering quantum technology.

Enable Innovation

Empower clients to tackle complex problems, sparking innovation.

Attract Talent

Become a magnet for high-value clients and top-tier talent.

Secure Funding

Enhance opportunities for securing grants and strategic partnerships.

Foster Collaboration

Ignite interdisciplinary research and prepare future professionals.

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