Neutral atoms are likely the best way to reach the "holy grail" of quantum computing: large-scale, fault-tolerant machines. QuEra is the scientific and commercial leader in neutral atoms.
Our publicly-accessible neutral-atom computer, on-premises machines, powerful algorithms and world-class team deliver value today. Our published roadmap of error-corrected computers chart the path to an even brighter future.

The Best Way to QUANTUM

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Compute with Aquila, our 256-Qubit Machine

Now available on Amazon Braket
Quera computerQuera computer

Go beyond gate-only approaches

Unique dual-mode design provides value at every point

Based on groundbreaking research from Harvard, MIT and QuEra, our neutral-atom computer runs in analog mode today, with a digital gate-based mode coming in 2024.

The best way to quantum machine learning, optimization, and simulation

Our noise-resistant analog quantum mode delivers superior solutions for a wide range of problems. Leverage our Field-Programmable Qubit Array (FPQA™) and flexible control to efficiently map hard problems into the quantum domain.

Enjoy the best of both worlds

Once the universal gate-based mode becomes available, run analog or digital algorithms at scale. It is the best path to value, scale, and fault tolerance.

Explore our Long-Term Roadmap

Design and Test with Bloqade™,
our Open-Source Software Development Kit

A high-performance testbed for neutral-atom algorithms,
supported by our top scientists.

Powerful and flexible

Native encoding of neutral-atom quantum features such as Rydberg-blockaded Hilbert spaces, flexible geometries, and continuous time control.

Exceptionally efficient

Supports GPU acceleration. Deployable in HPC environments. Written in Julia for maximum performance.

From design to neutral atom quantum execution

The best way to develop, deploy and execute code on Amazon Braket.

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