Why wait? Accelerate the path to business value with QuEra's neutral-atom quantum computers and unique algorithms.

Meet Aquila
QuEra's 256-Qubit
Quantum Processor

Publicly accessible via Amazon Braket
A powerful quantum computer
Use up to 256 qubits to tackle a wide range of problems in optimization, machine learning, quantum dynamics, and many other areas.
Robust to noise
Get real results. The unique analog quantum computing mode is much more robust than today's gate-based approaches.
Flexible and versatile
Field-programmable qubit layout and connectivity allows efficient mapping of many different problems into the quantum domain.

Design With Bloqade

An open-source testbed for the development and testing of neutral atom algorithms.

A powerful tool for unique needs
Native encoding of neutral-atom quantum processor features, such as Rydberg-blockaded Hilbert spaces, flexible geometries, and continuous time control.
Exceptionally efficient
Supports GPU acceleration.
Written in Julia  for maximum performance.
Open for community enhancements.
Deployable on clusters.
Open-source emulator of programmable neutral-atom arraysScreenshot from Bloqade - an open-source emulator of neutral atom interactions
Bloqade interface

Let's innovate together

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