Premium Cloud Access

We're committed to providing you with the most flexible and powerful quantum computing solutions. Our Premium Cloud-Based access plans are designed to offer you immediate, secure, and reliable access to our industry-leading 256-qubit neutral-atom quantum computer and world-class team, no matter where you are.

Premium Plan Customers Receive:

A secure connection to QuEra’s industry-leading quantum computers, enabling you to tackle complex computations with ease.

Direct support from QuEra’s team of dedicated scientists and engineers. Collaborate to craft the optimal neutral-atom representation of a problem, while also learning industry best practices.

Exclusive access to advanced features. You can always access the latest hardware and software.

A business-class Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure reliable and high-quality service.

Tailored training programs to enhance your team's neutral atom quantum computing skills.

Regular office hours for ongoing support and guidance.

Optional consulting and solution development to meet your specific needs.

Complement Your Quantum Modalities

Our neutral atom quantum computer can be a great addition to other quantum modalities you might have access to, such as superconducting or trapped ions. This diversity in quantum technologies can provide you with a broader range of computational capabilities, allowing you to tackle a wider array of problems and challenges.
Quera computer

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Premium Access Benefits

Exclusive machine time access
Support from our scientific team
Early access to advanced features
Business service level agreement
Instructor-led training
Regular office hours
Consulting options
Fixed-cost, fixed-term contracts