Our Quantum Roadmap

Our quantum computing roadmap leading to fault-tolerant computing

Building on a series of
scientific breakthroughs

This unique approach is made possible by a series of recent discoveries by our team and collaborators, demonstrating the many unique and natural advantages of neutral atoms.
A series of scientific and engineering breakthroughs in quantum computing

Enabling New Applications

Quantum computers with entanglement beyond ~50 high fidelity qubits are not simulable on any supercomputer. Their full potential is largely unknown. With 256 qubits, an analog operation mode, and programmable connectivity, Aquila brings new possibilities for algorithm design.

Delivering value today and promising directions to commercial advantage tomorrow

Hamiltonian Simulation

Our processors provide a rich platform for analog Hamiltonian simulations. This is an important tool in fundamental physics, to help us understand the phase transitions of materials, dynamics of particle collision and more.

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Remarkably, many real-life problems can be translated to the functionality native to Aquila. Demonstrated performance improvements in optimization suggest that Aquila’s impact may reach across a wide range of industries.

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Machine Learning and Forecasting

Large entangled states generate probability distributions that don’t exist in the classical world. These are a rich resource for many algorithms in machine learning, forecasting and encryption.

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