Most quantum computing prototypes today are small and susceptible to errors with little evidence for broad business advantage. Utility-scale gate-based quantum computers with millions of qubits are 5-10 years away. The path to useful quantum computing clearly requires going beyond finer engineering: a reimagination of approach and technology is necessary. That's why we chose a hybrid analog and digital approach: analog quantum computing that can deliver value today, followed by a high-performance digital mode that provides the ultimate flexibility and quantum advantage.

QuEra is pioneering a utility-focused approach, to deliver value for customers today while preparing them for the quantum future. Starting from large systems engineered for a specific purpose, we introduce additional functionality at each development stage.

Step 1: Quantum value creation today

Solving hard problems at the edge of computation with

256 entangled qubits
Coherence throughout the full computation
Field-programmable qubit arrays (FPQA™)
Programmable connectivity of near-arbitrary qubit layout configurations

Step 2: Early quantum error correction

Flexible features for low gate overhead

Logical qubits
Allow for detection and correction of errors
Gate-based operations
Allowing universal utility
Native multi-qubit gates
For low gate overhead and flexible design
Long coherence
Allowing longer and reliable quantum calculations

Step 3: Large-scale fault-tolerance

A modular design for the scalability of neutral atoms

Efficient error correction
Through controlled interactions
Scalable control
Based on photonic integrated circuits
Small footprint
10,000’s of atoms in a mm2
Quantum advantage
Go where no classical machine can go

Solving meaningful problems today in the analog processing mode

We designed our first machine to operate in the analog processing mode. Computations are continuous transformations of the internal quantum state. This way, gate errors don’t pile up as fast, and precise control over a large number of qubits becomes feasible. This delivers immediate value for a broad set of problems. We are working on adding universal gate-based digital processing mode, offering customers the best of both worlds.

Enabled by a versatile qubit technology

Neutral atoms have many favorable properties that enable the flexibility and scalability of our hardware.

Learn more about computing with neutral atom arrays

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Building on a series of scientific breakthroughs

This unique approach is made possible by a series of recent discoveries by our team and collaborators, demonstrating the many unique and natural advantages of neutral atoms.
November 2017

World’s largest quantum computer with 51 qubits built by the university research groups of QuEra’s scientific founders

December 2021

Simulation of quantum spin liquids on a neutral atoms processor provides new tools to study decades - old open questions in physics

April 2022

Demonstration of atom shuttling lays the ground for a scalable architecture for quantum processing with error correction

November 2022

QuEra’s 256-qubit Aquila computer becomes the first generally-accessible neutral-atom computer on Amazon Braket

December 2023

A Harvard-led team with QuEra, MIT, UMD and NIST demonstrates complex, error-corrected quantum algorithms on 48 logical qubits