White Papers

Whether you are a commercial entity or an academic center, there are amazing things you can achieve with our neutral-atom platform. Below are several examples, tutorials and white papers. Interested in learning more? Contact us today.
Meet QuEra

An introduction to the field of quantum computing and QuEra’s unique approach and technology to deliver useful near-term quantum solutions.

Application note: Using Aquila on Braket

Simple examples on getting started with QuEra's 256-qubit Aquila on Amazon Braket

Application note: Optimizing store locations using QuEra's quantum computer

We demonstrate how to leverage the power of QuEra’s Aquila computer - operating in “analog quantum computing” mode - to optimize store placement in Manhattan

MIS encoding using neutral atoms

A short whitepaper on the efficient encoding of independent set optimization problems using QuEra

Industry applications of neutral-atom quantum computing solving independent set problems (MIS)

A mathematical introduction to quantum optimization on a neutral-atom analog quantum computer and it’s potential use cases.

Aquila, the first publicly available neutral-atom quantum processor

Brief introduction to analog Hamiltonian simulation and Aquila’s functionalities.

Realizing quantum spin liquid phase on an analog Hamiltonian Rydberg simulator

An exciting example of how Hamiltonian simulation on an analog quantum computer makes a difference in fundamental physics.

Optimization with a neutral-atom quantum processor - coming soon

A neutral-atom quantum processor is deployed and demonstrates quantum effects enhancing the performance of variational algorithms to optimization.