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Case Study: Optimizing Network Resilience with Quantum Computing - A Collaboration between Cinfo, QuEra, and Kipu Quantum

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June 3, 2024
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In a recent webinar hosted by QuEra, three distinguished speakers presented a groundbreaking use case involving the optimization of telecommunication networks using quantum computing. The panel included Antonio Del Corral, CEO of Cinfo; Jan Trautmann, Principal Engineer at Kipu Quantum; and Jonathan Wurtz, Senior Research Scientist at QuEra Computing. This case study explores the collaboration, challenges, and outcomes of their joint project to enhance network resilience using quantum solutions.

The Problem

The primary problem addressed in this project was the optimization of a complex telecommunication network operated by MassOrange in Spain. This network comprises several regional and national backbones with multiple interconnections and redundancies. The key challenge was to pre-calculate optimal network configurations to handle crises such as equipment failures, natural disasters, or geopolitical issues efficiently. Traditional methods proved insufficient due to the network’s complexity and the need for real-time response.


  1. Modeling the Network: Representing the complex telecommunication network within a quantum computing framework.
  2. Algorithm Development: Creating an algorithm that can simulate network resilience and provide optimal configurations.
  3. Verification and Scaling: Ensuring the quantum solutions are correct and scalable to real-world applications.

The Approach

The project involved several stages:

  1. Network Modeling: Cinfo provided a simplified model of the telecommunication network, including 46 nodes and various types of network equipment and traffic. The model aimed to be complex enough to reflect real-world scenarios but manageable within current quantum computing capabilities.
  2. Algorithm Development: Kipu Quantum developed an algorithm to represent the network’s resilience using the concept of the Maximum Independent Set (MIS). This approach mapped the network onto neutral atoms and calculated the MIS to quantify network redundancy and resilience.
  3. Quantum Computation: QuEra’s Aquila, an analog mode quantum computer with 256 qubits, was used to run the simulations. The device’s unique capabilities, such as all-to-all connectivity and room temperature operation, made it an ideal choice for this task.


The project successfully demonstrated that quantum computing could provide valuable insights into network resilience:

  1. Modeling Success: The simplified model of 46 nodes was effectively mapped onto the quantum computer. The results from the quantum simulations were consistent with expert predictions and classical heuristics.
  2. Algorithm Efficiency: The algorithm developed by Kipu Quantum proved to be highly efficient, providing accurate resilience measures for the network. The approach showed potential for significant improvements in network optimization and crisis management.
  3. Scalability: While the current hardware handled a simplified model, the roadmap indicates that future quantum computers with more qubits will manage larger and more complex networks, approaching full-scale real-world applications.

Key Insights

  1. Quantum Advantage: The collaboration highlighted the potential of quantum computing to outperform classical methods in specific optimization problems, particularly those involving complex, interconnected networks.
  2. Collaborative Innovation: The partnership between Cinfo, Kipu Quantum, and QuEra demonstrated the power of combining domain expertise with cutting-edge technology. Each party brought unique strengths, from problem modeling to algorithm development and computational execution.
  3. Future Prospects: As quantum hardware advances, the applicability of such solutions will expand, potentially transforming network management and optimization across various industries, including telecommunications, energy, and logistics.


This case study exemplifies how quantum computing can be harnessed to solve complex real-world problems. The successful collaboration between Cinfo, QuEra, and Kipu Quantum not only provided a proof-of-concept for network resilience optimization but also paved the way for future advancements in quantum technologies and their applications. As quantum computers continue to evolve, their impact on industries requiring robust optimization solutions will undoubtedly grow, offering unprecedented capabilities and efficiencies.

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