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How Should Governments Balance Quantum Supremacy and National Interest?

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April 29, 2024
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A new article at BuiltIn by our CMO discusses the strategic choices governments face as they foster the development of quantum technology. Read the full article here.

Key points include:

  1. National vs. Global Quantum Strategies: The article explores the dilemma between supporting national quantum technology companies and acquiring the best quantum technology globally.
  2. Hybrid Quantum Development Programs: It highlights the U.K.'s approach, which uses a hybrid model of national and international collaborations to enhance its quantum capabilities.
  3. Investment and Diversity in Quantum Modalities: Countries are investing heavily in quantum technologies, with varying approaches to supporting different quantum modalities (like superconducting qubits, neutral atoms, trapped ions, etc.). The article mentions significant investments from major economies, with China leading at $15.3 billion, followed by Germany, the U.K., the U.S., South Korea, and France.
  4. National Pride vs. Global Excellence: The core dilemma is whether to prioritize homegrown technologies or the best global technologies regardless of their origin. The French government, for instance, supports one company from each quantum modality but also faces the challenge of whether these companies truly represent the best on offer globally.
  5. Global Collaborations for Quantum Supremacy: The article advocates for a balanced approach where countries attract global expertise while fostering domestic industries. This strategy could help countries not only compete but potentially lead in quantum technology through strategic international cooperation and technological integration.

Read the full article here

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