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Access to Aquila on Amazon Braket via the qBraid platform

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March 9, 2023
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Accessing neutral-atom quantum computers keeps getting easier and better! QuEra and qBraid have joined forces to facilitate access to Aquila, our neutral-atom processor, on AWS via the qBraid platform. qBraid, a quantum computing software development platform aiming to provide the easiest access to quantum computers, is incredibly excited to provide general access to Aquila on Amazon Braket via the qBraid platform. Accessing the 256 qubit neutral atom quantum computer on qBraid is possible with a single command line on qBraid Lab (a cloud-based jupyter IDE).

To get started, take a look at qBraid's getting started with AWS tutorial:

Also don't miss qBraid's documentation at

Thanks qBraid and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for this exciting partnership!

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