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The path to 10,000 qubits

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April 28, 2024
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The drive towards achieving 10,000 qubits in quantum computing is considered a critical step towards realizing practical quantum advantage. This advancement would enable the creation of a significant number of logical qubits, improving the capability of quantum computers to handle complex problems that are currently beyond the reach of classical computers. Our CMO describes the opportunities and challenges in a new article. Read the full article on HPC Wire

Key Points

  • Significance of 100 Logical Qubits: Reaching 100 logical qubits is a crucial milestone, as it represents the point where quantum computers begin to surpass the capabilities of classical supercomputers in simulating quantum algorithms. This threshold opens up new possibilities in fields such as optimization and machine learning.
  • Technological Paths to 10,000 Qubits:
    • Superconducting Qubits: Known for their speed but limited by the need for networking multiple cores to scale up effectively.
    • Photonic Qubits: Offer potential scalability but face challenges in efficient generation and manipulation of entangled states.
    • Trapped Ion Qubits: Provide excellent stability and control but scaling up involves complex hardware setups.
    • Neutral Atom Qubits: Show promise in scaling (demonstrated by projects involving up to 6,000 qubits) and flexibility in connectivity.
  • Implementation Challenges and Innovations: Each technology faces unique challenges, from managing error rates and qubit stability to integrating quantum systems with existing high-performance computing (HPC) environments. There's a notable emphasis on hybrid quantum-classical systems and leveraging cloud platforms for broader access and utility.
  • Global and Commercial Implications: The development of these quantum technologies is not only a scientific challenge but also a commercial and strategic one, with significant implications for industries and national security.

This exploration highlights the complexities and rapid developments in the quantum computing sector, underlining the interdisciplinary effort required to advance this technology​.

Read the full article on HPC Wire

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