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The road to large-scale fault-tolerant quantum computers

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April 24, 2024
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QuEra is actively developing a series of advanced quantum computers designed to achieve fault tolerance through sophisticated error correction mechanisms. The roadmap specifies the rollout of quantum computers in three phases, each introducing more complex and capable systems, aimed at pushing the boundaries of quantum computing far beyond current capabilities. Our CEO Alex Keesling describes this in a recent article. Read the full article in The Quantum Insider

Key Points

  • Phase 1 (2024): Introduction of a quantum computer equipped with 256 physical qubits and 10 logical qubits. This phase focuses on implementing transversal gates, which are critical for reducing error propagation across qubits.
  • Phase 2 (2025): Upgrade to a system with at least 1000 physical qubits and 30 logical qubits. This model will support more advanced quantum operations, including non-Clifford gates, enhancing the system's ability to handle a broader range of algorithms.
  • Phase 3 (2026): A significant leap to a system with over 10,000 physical qubits and 100 logical qubits, capable of executing deep logical circuits. This development is expected to enable the execution of quantum algorithms that are impractical on classical computers, potentially revolutionizing industries like materials science, drug discovery, and more.

The company is also focusing on the development of a logical qubit simulator. This tool is intended to aid developers and researchers in optimizing quantum algorithms in a simulated environment before actual hardware deployment, thereby accelerating the development cycle and reducing resource consumption.

QuEra's approach includes innovative architectural designs like "zoned architecture," which separates the quantum processor into distinct regions for different functionalities such as storage, entanglement, and measurement. This design aims to simplify the management of control lines and enhance scalability and efficiency.

These advancements are setting the stage for QuEra to not only advance its technological capabilities but also to foster collaborations across various sectors, aiming to tackle complex problems with quantum solutions.

For a more detailed exploration of QuEra's roadmap and its implications for the future of quantum computing, read the full article in The Quantum Insider

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