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Neil Abroug, Head of the French National Quantum Strategy

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July 16, 2023
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Neil Abroug, Head of the French National Quantum Strategy, is interviewed by Yuval.

Key points:

  • The strategy focuses on quantum computing, quantum communications, quantum cryptography, and quantum sensors. It also invests in enabling technologies like cryogenics, low noise electronics, and lasers. The aim for the next five years is to have a strong French ecosystem that collaborates comfortably with international partners.
  • The French government has invested one billion euros for five years, with an additional expected 500 million euros from the private sector. The French program collaborates closely with European programs to avoid redundancy and enhance synergy. For example, France, Germany, and the European Commission have jointly purchased two quantum simulators.
  • The French government offers various tools to help foreign companies establish themselves in France. The strategy is open to hosting companies from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and other European countries.
  • Three pillars for workforce development: education, interdisciplinary engagement, and international talent exchange. A new program aims to double the number of students in the field of quantum technologies over the next six years.
  • Despite a general shortage of private investment in deep tech, the French tech ecosystem has shown resilience, with significant fundraising events.
  • The French Quantum Strategy began its planning in 2018, initiated by the industry. It took about two years to develop a common roadmap for investment, R&D, and workforce development.
  • Companies in the program are primarily focused on hardware and technology development. Some are exploring applications in chemistry, finance, advanced materials, medical applications, and earth observation.
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Neil Abroug
Head of the French National Quantum Strategy
Listen to the podcast or read the transcript

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