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Anna Knörr and Rodrigo Bravo, co-founders of the Quantum Ethics Project

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November 20, 2023
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Anna Knörr and Rodrigo Bravo, co-founders of the Quantum Ethics Project are interviewed by Yuval Boger.

Read the full transcript or listen to the episode here.

Here are the key points:

Introduction of Guests: Anna recently completed her master's at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, specializing in quantum materials and computing. Currently at SPEED2ZERO in Zurich focusing on climate and energy research. Involved in the Quantum Ethics Project (QEP) as outreach lead. Rodrigo is a PhD student at Harvard University, studying quantum machine learning and simulation, with a secondary focus on ethics and geopolitics of quantum technologies. Co-founder and research lead at the QEP.

Origin: Founded in 2021 by Joan Arrow, the Quantum Ethics Project focuses on the social, political, ethical, and economic implications of quantum technologies.

Activities: Hosts lectures, seminars, workshops, and creates educational content. Central communication occurs on a Discord server, with hubs in various cities.

Quantum Ethics Versus Other Technologies: Rodrigo discusses similarities and differences with other technologies, highlighting unique aspects of quantum technology, such as potential impacts on encryption and computation. Anna emphasizes the current focus on scientific conduct and managing hype in quantum research, different from AI and other technologies.

Dual Use and Industry Responsibility: Rodrigo: Discusses the dual-use nature of quantum technology and the need for checks and balances in its application. Anna stresses the importance of public dialogue and ethical decision-making by industry leaders.

International Cooperation and Governance: Anna and Rodrigo suggest the necessity of a world quantum organization for diplomatic discussions and ethical governance in quantum technology development.

Ethics in Higher Education and Technology: Rodrigo highlights the presence of ethics discussions in technological institutions like MIT and the need for expanding such conversations.

Framework for Quantum Ethics: Anna prefers a conscious approach to ethical considerations in quantum research rather than a fixed set of rules. Rodrigo mentions IBM Quantum’s efforts in developing responsible quantum computing principles, emphasizing the importance of sharing and comparing value systems.

Personal Reflections: Anna expresses excitement about the intersection of quantum technology and sustainability. Rodrigo is concerned about the potential for quantum technology to exacerbate global divisions and render encryption obsolete.

Read the full transcript or listen to the episode here.

Listen to the podcast or read the transcript


Anna Knörr
Co-founder of the Quantum Ethics Project
Rodrigo Bravo
Co-founder of the Quantum Ethics program and PhD student at Harvard University
Listen to the podcast or read the transcript

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