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Jack Krupansky, a Long-time Observer of the Quantum Computing Industry

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January 8, 2024
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Jack Krupansky, a long-time observer of the quantum computing industry, is interviewed by Yuval Boger.

Read the full transcript or listen to the episode here.

Here are the key points:

Introduction: The transcript presents a conversation between Yuval and Jack Krupansky, who is a semi-retired former software developer with extensive experience in various computing sectors. Key points include:

Jack's Background and Interests: Jack has worked across various computing domains, focusing more on technology than applications. He's particularly interested in the capabilities, limits, and challenges of technologies, including quantum computing.

Quantum Computing Exploration: Jack has spent over six years exploring quantum computing, aiming to understand its real-world applications and potential.

Continued Interest in Quantum Computing: Despite initially planning to wind down his quantum computing exploration, Jack remains engaged due to ongoing advancements and his own curiosity.

Views on Quantum Computing's Progress: Jack perceives more motion than progress in the field, indicating that while there are advancements, the journey towards practical quantum computing is still long.

Advice for Quantum Computing Beginners: He suggests starting with media accounts and basic research, emphasizing the use of tools like Google and Bing Chat for gaining initial insights.

Quantum Computing and AI: Jack is skeptical about the immediate synergy between quantum computing and AI, particularly due to quantum computing's current limitations with big data.

Quantum Computing in 2023: He considers 2023 an average year for quantum computing, noting incremental advancements but no major breakthroughs.

Quantum Computing Modalities and Industry Transition: Jack discusses various approaches to quantum computing and the transition from a physics-focused field to a more engineering and application-oriented domain.

Geopolitical Aspects of Quantum Computing: He touches on the international and domestic implications of quantum advancements, expressing a balanced view of competition and collaboration.

Future of Quantum Computing: Jack is looking forward to significant breakthroughs by new generations of researchers, hoping for more practical and impactful applications of quantum computing in the future.

Read the full transcript or listen to the episode here.

Listen to the podcast or read the transcript


Jack Krupansky
Long-time Observer of the Quantum Computing Industry
Listen to the podcast or read the transcript

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