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Daniel Volz and Enrique Solano, Co-founders of Kipu Quantum

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April 1, 2024
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Key points include:

- Daniel and Kike are focused on achieving quantum advantage with Kipu Quantum, emphasizing the development of quantum algorithms that outperform supercomputing centers for industrial use cases.

- Quantum advantage, according to them, is closer than many anticipate, not years away. They stress that it's more about solving real problems for end-users with commercial applications rather than academic achievements.

- They predict the first practical quantum advantages will emerge in optimization, machine learning, and potentially chemistry, depending on the progress of specific hardware and the mathematical problems associated with industry challenges.

- Kipu Quantum's unique approach is hardware-dependent, focusing on smart encoding of industry use cases through digital, analog, and digital-analog solutions adapted to current quantum hardware capabilities.

- Access to quantum hardware and its control is seen as a critical factor for quickly achieving quantum advantage. The team believes they could reach quantum advantage "almost immediately" with proper access.

- The team at Kipu Quantum consists of around two dozen professionals, mainly PhDs in physics, based in Berlin and Karlsruhe, Germany. They emphasize a deep partnership between software and hardware vendors as essential for quantum advantage.

- Concerns about geopolitical factors and technological sovereignty are mentioned as potential obstacles, highlighting the importance of matching mathematical problems with industry problems for quantum computing applications.

- Kike and Daniel discuss the German quantum strategy, critiquing the focus on hardware development over practical application outcomes and the dispersal of funding without targeted goals for quantum computing advancement.

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Daniel Volz
CEO & Co-Founder
Enrique Solano
Chief Visionary Officer & Co-Founder
Listen to the podcast or read the transcript

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