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Denis Mandich, CTO of Qrypt

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August 14, 2023
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Denis Mandich, CTO of Qrypt, a post-quantum encryption systems company, is interviewed by Yuval.

Here are the key points

  • Qrypt's Innovation: Qrypt offers post-quantum encryption systems that replace key distribution with endpoint key generation, similar to Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). This is a software-based solution.
  • Eliminating Single-Point-of-Failure: By using multiple quantum random sources in the cloud and cryptographic extractors, Qrypt's method eliminates the single-point-of-failure issue common in traditional encryption
  • Air Gap and Compliance: The technology can be used in air-gapped networks and is prepared to comply with future encryption standards, targeting industries like finance, healthcare, and government
  • Company Vision: Qrypt aims to transform the cryptographic architecture of the internet, restoring privacy and moving away from data mining and monetization of IP.
Listen to the podcast or read the transcript


Denis Mandich
Chief Technology Officer
Listen to the podcast or read the transcript

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