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Niko Mohr, Global Leader of McKinsey’s Quantum

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July 24, 2023
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Niko Mohr, Global Leader of McKinsey's quantum, is interviewed by Yuval.

Read the full transcript or listen to the episode at the Quantum Computing Report site here

Here are the key points:

  • Quantum Technology Practice: Niko leads the quantum technology practice at McKinsey. They publish an annual report (see here , the Quantum Monitor, to understand the maturing quantum technology ecosystem. The report tracks the overall development of the ecosystem, the impact on different industry segments, the evolution of the technology, and the context factors related to the ecosystem such as research, patents, and talent.
  • Investment in Quantum Technologies: There has been a high intensity of investments in quantum technologies, including quantum computing, quantum sensing, and quantum communications. However, the growth of investments has flattened in recent years. The majority of the funding comes from private sources and venture capitalists, with a smaller portion coming from corporates and public sources.
  • Talent Gap in Quantum Technologies: There is a significant talent gap in the field of quantum technologies. There are around 800,000 job postings per year in the field, but only around 350,000 graduates with relevant skills. Companies interested in the field are advised to start building their capabilities now by hiring a small team of experts.
  • Quantum Technologies and AI: Quantum technologies and AI are currently on different time horizons. AI is currently in everybody's mind, whereas quantum is still a more exotic topic. However, as the ecosystem matures and more use cases become available, quantum technologies will become more relevant in boardroom discussions.
  • Quantum Technologies and Industries: The interest in quantum technologies is both vertical and horizontal. Some companies are interested in what quantum technologies mean for their specific industry, while others are interested in the potential applications of quantum technologies across many industries.
  • Hype vs Reality: There is a tendency for hype around quantum technologies. However, the reality is that the full realization of quantum technologies will take another five to ten years or even longer due to technological hurdles. Companies are becoming more thoughtful about their investments in the field.

Read the full transcript or listen to the episode at the Quantum Computing Report site here

Listen to the podcast or read the transcript


Niko Mohr
Global Quantum Leader ,McKinsey
Listen to the podcast or read the transcript

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