Welcome to the era of quantum error correction:

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We're thrilled to unveil a transformative advancement in quantum computing:

Join other industry and academic leaders and enjoy the capability to experiment with error-corrected algorithms. Scheduled for launch in 2024, this pioneering feature promises to redefine the boundaries of quantum computation. By joining our waitlist, you'll secure early access to this groundbreaking technology, enabling you to harness and experience the power of error correction as we work to tackle complex problems with unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Why Error-Corrected Algorithms?

Quantum error correction is a pivotal milestone in the journey toward
reliable quantum computing. With QuEra's upcoming capability, you can:

Achieve superior fidelity in your quantum computations

Execute longer and more intricate algorithms

Enhance the robustness and dependability of your quantum solutions

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Join the Waitlist

We invite you to join the waitlist to use QuEra’s QEC capabilities. By joining the waitlist, you will receive:

Early access to experiment with error-corrected algorithms

Regular updates on our progress and upcoming feature releases

Access to community support and resources

Invitations to QuEra webinars and events

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