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Preparing for MIT iQuHack

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January 8, 2024
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iQuHack is approaching! Hosted both on the MIT campus and virtually online, this event is recognized as a benchmark for quantum computing hackathons worldwide.

QuEra has actively participated in iQuHack since 2021. In the 2022 edition, we introduced access to neutral-atom quantum hardware for the first time, allowing competitors a unique opportunity to engage with this cutting-edge technology. A comprehensive account of participants' experiences can be found in this blog post authored by the winners of QuEra's challenge.

 In 2024, QuEra is reinforcing its commitment as a sponsor for the event, promising another distinctive experience for those willing to take on our challenge. As always, the emphasis will be on sophisticated problem-solving, appreciating creative thinking, and cultivating an environment that propels participants toward expertise in quantum computing with many-body systems.

If you're considering participation, we wholeheartedly encourage you! While the challenge details remain under wraps until the event launch, we've curated a list of references and resources that will prove valuable as you gear up for 24 hours of collaboration and intense problem-solving:

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