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QuEra Computing is the leader in commercializing advanced quantum computers based on neutral atoms. The company developed and operates the world’s largest publicly-accessible quantum computer, available for general use over a major public cloud. Customers can also tap into QuEra’s quantum computing through premium access and on-premise use. Based in Boston, QuEra is built on pioneering research recently conducted nearby at both Harvard University and MIT. The company is developing large-scale fault-tolerant quantum computers to tackle classically intractable problems for commercially relevant applications. Simply put, QuEra is the best way to quantum. For more information, visit us at and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Building quantum computers from neutral-atom arrays

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Aquila 256-qubit quantum computer

Inside QuEra's Aquila

QuEra scientists at work

QuEra's optical layout

The Aquila magneto-optical trap in QuEra’s facilities

QuEra's Aquila neutral-atom quantum computer

Zoom background - Office with Aquila

Zoom background - Magneto-optical trap

Zoom background - Aquila

Harvard atom array experiment, featuring optical layout, vacuum setup, and classical control electronics for the reconfigurable atom array quantum computing architecture.

Zoom-in view of the glass cell of Harvard experiment, where atoms are trapped and manipulated to perform complex logical algorithms.

Overhead view of Harvard experiment, featuring optical paths for the reconfigurable atom array quantum computing architecture.

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Leadership team

Alex Keesling
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Nathan Gemelke
Co-founder, CTO, PhD
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Yuval Boger
Chief Commercial Officer
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Andy Ory
Acting CEO
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Takuya Kitagawa
President, PhD
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