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Cathal Mahon, Chief Business Officer at DeepTech Lab Quantum

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February 12, 2024
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Cathal Mahon, Chief Business Officer at DeepTech Lab Quantum, is interviewed by Yuval Boger. Here are the key points:

Read the full transcription or listen to the episode here.

1. Cathal introduces himself and his role at DeepTech Lab Quantum, an accelerator in Denmark focusing on quantum tech startups. He mentions their first program under the DIANA initiative by NATO, emphasizing their focus on quantum technologies.

2. DeepTech Lab Quantum aims to intersect quantum technologies with life sciences, leveraging Denmark's strong base in quantum information science. They plan to source globally and expand beyond their initial focus over time.

3. The accelerator focuses on team dynamics, product-market fit, and technology development, with a particular emphasis on the interdisciplinary challenges in quantum tech startups. They also provide access to investor networks and infrastructure.

4. Cathal discusses the predominance of academic-based startups in the quantum tech field and anticipates a maturation process similar to the life sciences sector.

5. Success for DeepTech Lab Quantum involves scaling startups and attracting substantial funding, mirroring the achievements of the Bio Innovation Institute in life sciences. For DIANA, success means operating at full capacity with 20 startups in quantum technologies.

6. The DIANA accelerator offers test sites and aims to integrate startups into the defense and security markets, emphasizing rapid procurement processes to facilitate engagement with these sectors.

7. Cathal describes Denmark's unique funding landscape for quantum technologies, highlighting the government's quantum strategy and the Novo Nordisk Foundation's significant investments in quantum computing and translational research programs.

8. The initial focus of DeepTech Lab Quantum on life sciences is expected to evolve, with an interest in quantum sensing applications within the field. Cathal also mentions the importance of dual-use technology for the startups they support.

9. Cathal expresses interest in collaborating with other members of the global quantum ecosystem, particularly those focusing on the intersection of quantum information science and life sciences.

10. The six companies in the upcoming cohort cover secure information sharing and sensing/surveillance, showcasing a broad range of quantum technologies with both civilian and defense applications.

11. Cathal concludes by discussing potential milestones for quantum technology's widespread impact, emphasizing the importance of achieving a significant number of working logical qubits as a watershed moment.

Read the full transcription or listen to the episode here.

Listen to the podcast or read the transcript


Cathal Mahon
Chief Business Officer at DeepTech Lab Quantum
Listen to the podcast or read the transcript

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